«Discover ABBN, the crypto token designed exclusively for Dragma Investors, your key to a seamless and prosperous investment journey. With ABBN, you’ll enjoy the stability of a fixed $1 USD value per token, regular USDT payouts every 8 days, and simplified investment processes. ABBN is your partner for long-term financial growth, perfectly aligned with Dragma Investors’ vision. Join us today and step into a future of secure and lucrative investments!»


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ABBN Token Sale: Secure Your Crypto Investment with Dragma

Investment Amount: $812,400,0010,000,000,00

Invest with Speed and Security – Seize the Opportunity Today!

Dragma Advisor

Dragma is your trusted investment fund operating within the blockchain ecosystem. With a decade of experience in the field, we specialize in making strategic and secure investments in blockchain-based projects. Our commitment to transparency, reliability, and consistent returns has made us a beacon of trust in the world of blockchain investments. We focus on harnessing the potential of blockchain technology to deliver sustainable growth for our investors while minimizing risks. Join us in this exciting journey to explore the boundless opportunities the blockchain world offers.

Introducing ABBN

The Future of Crypto Investment!

Are you ready to revolutionize your investment journey? ABBN, the crypto token designed exclusively for Dragma Investors, is here to supercharge your financial growth.

Why Choose ABBN?

Steady Growth: Each ABBN token is locked at a fixed value of $200 USD, ensuring stability and peace of mind.

Regular Earnings: Your ABBN investment earns you USDT payouts every 8 days like clockwork, creating a reliable income source.

Flexible Access: Invest effortlessly, and your wallet receives an equivalent amount of ABBN tokens, simplifying your investment process.

Long-Term Vision: ABBN is built for the long haul, perfectly aligning with Dragma Investors’ mission for sustained success.

Your Path to Prosperity Starts Here!

Join us in this exciting journey toward financial prosperity. ABBN is your ticket to a secure and lucrative investment experience with Dragma Investors. Invest today, and let your wealth flourish!

Our Services

Unlock Your Financial Potential with ABBN!

Investing in ABBN is now simpler than ever. Just choose a package that suits your preferences, ranging from $200 to $50,000 USD, and watch your wealth grow effortlessly. With ABBN, you’ll enjoy up to a 3% monthly return on your investment, like clockwork. The best part? You can withdraw your earnings every 8 days, easily tracked on your dashboard. ABBN puts your financial success within reach. Start your journey today!








People should invest in the Dragma Investors project and ABBN token because it offers a unique opportunity for secure, long-term growth. With a team of experts with over a decade of successful experience, our commitment to transparency and reliable returns sets us apart. ABBN token, as a certificate of investment, ensures you’ll have access to the same benefits and fixed 3% monthly returns. In a world of uncertainty, we provide a stable path to financial success, making us a trustworthy choice for those seeking sustainable and secure investments

Discover Investment Excellence with ABBN!

At ABBN, we are genuine experts in the investment world, and the ABBN project is the crown jewel for those seeking reliable passive income. Our return is one of the most generous in the market, but you won’t find multi-level schemes or Ponzi schemes here. What we offer is a solid and serious project for serious investors.

If you’re looking to become a millionaire overnight, this isn’t the place, but if you’re seeking consistent and desired profits, you’ve come to the right spot. Your money will be in the safest and most experienced hands. Investing with us is the path to a stable and prosperous financial future. Join ABBN today and discover true investment!

Invest with the best

Dragma Investors Investment Plans

Explore a World of Investment Opportunities with Dragma Investors Investment Plans. Our flexible plans are designed to cater to a wide range of investors, starting from as low as $200 and going up to $100,000. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced investor, we have the right plan to help you achieve your financial goals. Join us on the path to financial empowerment and secure your future with Dragma Investors today.

1 ABBN = 200 USD

Newbee Plan

200 $ For Beginners
  • Receive 1 ABBN token
  • Enjoy a 3% monthly return on your capital
Most Popular

Champ Plan

1000 $ For Advanced
  • Receive 5 ABBN token
  • Enjoy a 3% monthly return on your capital

Master Plan

10000 $ For Pro
  • Receive 50 ABBN tokens
  • Disfruta de un retorno mensual constante del 3% sobre tu capital, independientemente de la cantidad de inversión

Dragma & ABBS Video

All your questions about Dragma and ABBS token will be answered on this website.

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Exploring DRAGMA and ABBN Token
Exploring DRAGMA and ABBN Token

Frequently Asked Questions

ABBN Token is essentially a certificate of your investment’s value within Dragma Investors. It offers the same fixed 3% monthly returns as our NFTs. The key difference is that it’s a token rather than an NFT, but the benefits and results remain the same.

By restricting the trading of ABBN Tokens to the Dragma platform, we maintain control over liquidity and prevent external bots from impacting the project. This approach safeguards your investment and ensures stability.


The fixed 3% monthly return is achieved through a carefully managed investment portfolio, with a portion of profits allocated to a loss coverage insurance fund. Our experienced team, with a decade of successful results, manages these investments.


No, Dragma is not an MLM or Ponzi scheme. It’s a serious investment project focused on providing investors with a safe and consistent passive income stream. Transparency and reliability are our top priorities.

Your investments are backed by a team with over 15 years of experience in investment and capital management. We prioritize security and have implemented insurance mechanisms to safeguard your investments.

Both ABBN Token and Dragma Investors are built for long-term growth and to reach investors worldwide. Our goal is to provide a secure, low-risk, and sustainable source of passive income.

No, Dragma Investors is not an MLM project. It’s a reliable and secure path to achieving financial goals with consistent, sustainable growth.

No, Dragma Investors is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a serious investment project designed to provide consistent, expected returns, making it ideal for those seeking a passive income stream.


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