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«Unlock Investment Opportunities with DRAGMA: Experience Virtual Ownership! Invest in company shares through unique Smart Contracts. Share in project profits, diversified pricing, DEFI and trading investments. Secure exits via buybacks, negotiate on secondary market, and enjoy launch discounts. Join now for a new era of financial growth!»

Investment Amount: $18.000,0018K

Days Left Until Start – 58 days

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How does it work?

Using USDT according to your desire will be full with one of digital wallets. They give unlimited opportunities

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Safely invest your funds!"

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How to buy Smart Contract

Choose the smart contract amount, proceed to purchase,  receive an artwork in the form of an NFT, and get ready to receive a share of profits from the investments made.

Name Price:Big Pre-Sale November , 2023, -- time AM-PM
Investment Range (USD):$200,00 - 50,000,00
Approximate Monthly Profit Percentage:3%

Frequently Asked Questions

Dragma Investors is a groundbreaking investment project that offers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing ownership in real-world assets. Unlike traditional NFTs, our NFTs are tied to investment contracts, providing you with a passive income stream and the potential for substantial returns.estors.


When you purchase an NFT package (Smart Contract) starting at $200, you enter into an investment contract with Dragma Investors. You’ll receive up to a 3% monthly return on your investment, paid in USDT stablecoin, and you can withdraw your earnings every 8 days.

No, Dragma Investors is unique. Unlike traditional NFTs that represent digital art or collectibles, our NFTs represent investment contracts with a specified duration. You’re not just acquiring an image; you’re entering into an investment agreement.

If you decide to exit the project, you can request a buyback of your NFT after a minimum of 3 weeks. However, there is a 4% fee applied to cover company expenses and contribute to our loss coverage insurance fund.

Your investments are backed by a team with over 15 years of experience in investment and capital management. We prioritize security and have implemented insurance mechanisms to safeguard your investments.

No hidden fees or multi-level marketing (MLM) structures here. Dragma Investors is transparent, and we don’t use MLM systems. We believe in straightforward investment opportunities.

Dragma Investors is built for the long term and aims to expand globally. Our goal is to provide investors with a reliable passive income stream while minimizing risks.

You have the option to sell your NFT on the NFT marketplace or directly to Dragma Investors without waiting for an external buyer. We offer flexibility in managing your investments.

No, Dragma Investors is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a serious investment project designed to provide consistent, expected returns, making it ideal for those seeking a passive income stream.

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«All your questions about Dragma and ABBS token will be answered on this website.»

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Exploring DRAGMA and ABBN Token

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